How do I Reset my Pixel Studio FX password?

If you have lost your Pixel Studio FX password, or are experiencing problems logging in, you can reset your password without our help.

To reset your Pixel Studio FX password, please follow these steps:

1 - Log into the hub ( )

2 - You will need to login with the same email address that you use in Pixel Studio FX.

3 - You should have a password for the hub - this was emailed to you when we launched the in September 2017.

4 - If you don't have a password for the hub, you can reset your hub password ( )

After you have logged into the hub, continue with these steps:

5 - In the "Your Active Products/Services" box, click on the "Pixel Studio FX - Pixel Studio FX Pro/Premium/Lite/Lifetime" service.

6 - On the left menu, in the "Actions" box, click on the "Change Password" menu link.

7 - Enter your new password, confirm your new password and click on the "Save Changes".

8 - You have successfully changed your password.

Now you should be able to access Pixel Studio FX:

Service Login URL:

Username: your-email-address

Password: the-password-you-just-selected
  • Email, SSL
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