I Can't Access My Account/Lost My Login Credentials

We'd just like to remind you that you may have mulitple logins.

Primary Login

Your "primary login" is your email address and password for https://my.lightspeedtech.com - this is our "hub" and your "members centre".  This is where you can see your invoices, payments and services that you have purchased (for example, your Pixel Studio FX account.) . This is also where you can access the knowledgebase, create support tickets and view your existing support requests.

When you register manually, or purchase your first product from Light Speed Technologies, your email address is automatically designated as your primary login username.  You are assigned a random password when you signup and our technical support team does not have access to this password.  To reset your primary login password, please visit https://my.lightspeedtech.com/pwreset.php .

If you've received your primary login credentials but still can't seem to access the members centre, here are a few tips that usually help our members when they encounter this issue:

• You log in at https://my.lightspeedtech.com - not anywhere else!
• Your password is case sensitive

Should you find that you are still having trouble, it  might be due to an internal error.  Please contact us.

Service Login

Your "service login information" will allow you to access a product specific service - for example, the Pixel Studio FX software or the Lifetime Stock Video membership site.  Generally, your service login information will consist of your email address, a random password and a login URL.

When you purchase a product, you will be emailed your service login information.  If you do not receive your service login information, you can resolve this problem in the members centre password to whatever you choose.

If you still have problems logging into the service you purchased (Pixel Studio FX, Social Studio FX, etc..) with your service login information, please remember the following:

• Each service has their own login url - do not use your service login information in the members centre - it won't work.
• Your password is case sensitive

Should you find that you are still having trouble, it  might be due to an internal error.  Please contact us. ( Please Note The JVZoo email you received after completing your investment is simply a payment confirmation. )

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