What Are The Template Dimensions?

Here are the dimensions for all of the templates available within Pixel Studio FX:

Template IDDimensions
BOX-1 850x940
BOX-4 850x940
CD-1 850x850
DVD-3 850x1200
DVD-2 850x1200
SPL-1 850x1060
CRD-1 850x485
APL-1 850x1135
BOK-3 850x970
BIN-1 850x770
MAG-1 850x1100
KIN-2 850x1350
FLY-1 850x1060
BOX-7 850x800
BOX-2 850x850
BOX-6 850x970
BOX-5 850x940
CD-2 850x850
CD-3 850x850
DVD-1 850x1200
SPL-2 850x1060
SPL-3 850x1060
CRD-2 850x485
KIN-1 850x1390
APL-2 850x1510
BLU-1 850x978
BOK-2td> 850x970
FLY-2 850x1060
BOK-4 850x985
BOK-1 850x970
MAG-2 850x1100
BOX-3 850x1190
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